Video footage and report on excessive force from the Bay Citizen

Langan, who was released late Wednesday after roughly five hours in police custody, intends to file a complaint with the University of California Police Department on Monday accusing authorities of using excessive force. She says as officers approached, she stuck out her wrist and said, “Arrest me.” Instead, they grabbed her by the hair.

Perhaps the most telling part of this report is that even UC Berkeley Associate Vice Chancellor Claire Holmes could not understate the severity of these events:

Asked to review the video on Friday, Claire Holmes, a spokeswoman for UC Berkeley, promised a thorough investigation.

“The images are extremely disturbing,” Holmes said. “Obviously we will be looking into the incident and appropriate measures will be taken. We will have to go through an investigation.”


DailyCal footage from Nov.9th afternoon

Part 1: Police using batons against human wall. Starting around 3:20 of this video you can see some of the Nov.9th afternoon arrests when the police first took down Occupy Cal tents.

Part 2: Different footage of the same police intervention and arrests. Includes footage of protesters attempting to talk to the police and an overhead view of police dismantling the tents.

Part 3: Events in this video occured after the ‘Occupy Cal’ tents were dismantled in the afternoon of Nov.9th.