Second testimony from a graduate student arrested on the evening of Nov.9th

I was part of the chain of people in front of a row of bushes on the night of Nov. 9. I was struck by batons in my arm and chest as the officers shouted “Move!” but I was literally trapped between my fellow students being beaten, the large bush, and the wall of Sproul Hall. Even though I was screaming “I CAN’T move!” the police kept trying to advance and hitting us with their batons. The other protestors were trying to pull me away from the police as the officers were repeatedly attempting to grab me while also striking me with batons. They were beating the arm of the man next to me because he was trying to pull me away. An officer yanked hard on my scarf three times to try to drag me away from the crowd, which had the effect of choking me. When that didn’t work, the officer grabbed my ponytail and dragged me by my hair over the bush, threw me face down on the ground, and arrested me.


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